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Baby Clothing Checklist: How Many Baby Clothes Do I Need?

February 26, 2021
baby clothing hanging in closet

There are so many different things that you have to think about when having a baby. Birth plans, baby gear, and of course baby clothes. You might have tons of questions when it comes to baby clothes or maybe you’re just buying tons of cute baby clothes because that’s what you’re “supposed to do.” Well let’s talk about that a little!

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What baby clothing do I really need?

How many baby clothes do I need?

As a first time expectant mom you might be wondering how many baby clothes to buy before baby is born. This is honestly going to depend on a few different things:

1 . Season your baby is born in

Your baby is going to need more clothes for the colder months if you live in an area that gets cold or cool. If you live in a warmer area you don’t have to worry about this so evaluate what the weather is like where you live when your baby is due.

2 . How often you do laundry

Do you do laundry everyday? Every other day? Once a week? How often you do laundry is going to decide how many of each different type of baby clothing you will need. If you do laundry less then you need more clothes. If you do laundry more often then you can get away with fewer baby clothes.

3 . Your lifestyle

Do you like to go out and do things or are you homebodies? If you are staying at home more then you don’t need as many clothing items for your baby. If you enjoy going out more then you need more real clothes for baby. Take a look at your lifestyle and what your personal needs are when it comes to clothing.

Size of baby clothing

Before we start talking about the different types of baby clothes you will need, let’s talk about sizing of baby clothes.

Just like all clothing, different brands sizes are going to run differently. Some brands run big, some run small, some run long and some run short. You just have to compare them to others or do some research about what runs more true to size.

I’ve found that Gerber’s onesies tend to be longer than other brands. I’ve also found that Children’s Place clothing runs a little smaller than others. It’s somewhat of a learning process but just remember this when buying clothing for your new baby.

Overall I would have to say that Carter’s are my favorite onesies and sleepers and tend to run true to size.

How many clothes to buy before baby is born?

You want my honest opinion? Buy the bare minimum before baby is born.

All these lists will tell you that you need so much of this in a certain size and blah blah blah. I followed these and ended up with WAY too many clothes for my daughter.

She ended up being smaller than we thought and has remained small. So all the clothes that I bought were according to age and what the weather would be like when she was that age.

Because of this, I had 3-6 month winter clothing when she didn’t actually start wearing 3-6 month clothing until spring. I would say buy the bare minimum, see how your baby is size wise and go from there.

Names of baby clothes

Onesies: Onesies are also referred to as body suits. They are short sleeve or long sleeve shirts that snap between your baby’s legs.

Sleepers: Sleepers are footed pajamas. These come with snaps, zippers, or magnets. I would recommend you not get ones with snaps because who wants to be fumbling around with snaps at 2 AM when you’re changing your baby’s diaper?

What clothing to get for newborn?

When you have a newborn you want to go with functional over stylish. Newborns are cute no matter what, you don’t have to dress them in “real” clothes. Onesies and sleepers are great for newborns. 

How many Newborn Clothes Should I Buy?

It is recommended to buy a few outfits in newborn size but not too many because some babies come out too big to ever wear them.

I would also recommend having a pack of preemie onesies or sleepers just in case you need them. As a newborn, newborn size clothing swallowed my daughter whole so we had to scramble to find some preemie clothing last minute.

Newborn versus 0-3 month size

Some people get confused by sizing, I did too. The first month your baby might be able to fit into 0-3 month clothing but I wouldn’t count on it. This honestly depends on the brand too. Compare newborn to 0-3 month clothing when shopping and decide what you think is best for your baby.

Newborn clothes checklist

Remember, newborns don’t need much!

Going home outfit for baby: Everyone wants to have a cute outfit for taking their baby home so if this is your thing, don’t forget to order one. We got a cute personalized take home outfit for baby girls. It was a sparkly name onesie and it’s something I put in our daughters keepsake box. 

Excuse the spit up but here is the going home outfit we chose for our daughter. We bought it on Etsy!

A pack of sleepers: Zipper sleepers are your best friend. They keep baby nice and warm while being easy and accessible for diaper changes. You will need at least a pack of these in newborn size. These were our favorites.

A pack of onesies: Onesies are great for during the day when you are just chilling with baby. They make diaper changes so easy and you can quickly change outfits if needed.

Socks: This is going to depend on your parenting style but if you want your little one to wear socks when they are a newborn then I recommend buying a few packs. Newborn socks get lost so easy!

How many 0-3 month clothes do I need? How many 3-6 month clothes do I need?

Once again, this is going to depend on your lifestyle and the weather but here’s a general recommendation.

Onesies: How many onesies does a baby need? A lot! Babies spit up and poop and get all sorts of things on their clothes. I would recommend having a good amount of onesies available.

Sleepers: Same thing goes for sleepers!

Outfits: Now is when you want to start having some casual outfits for when you take baby out. Casual includes onesies and matching pants or leggings, make it easy on yourself. I would say 3-4 of these is good.

Pants/Leggings: It’s good to get a few pairs of pants or leggings for your baby as they are getting older.

Baby Clothes Checklist First Year

How many clothes do I need in each size?

You are going to need about the same amount of things for each size but there are a few things to keep in mind as your baby gets older.

Food: As baby gets older they are going to start eating solid food. This gets messy! They might go through clothing faster so therefore you might need a few extra items of clothing.

Crawling: Baby is going to start crawling and climbing and wearing out clothing more. This might mean you have to buy a few more items to keep up with them messing up clothing.

Baby Clothes Organization

How you organize your baby clothes depends on how much space you have and what kind of space you have. The best way to organize baby clothes is to hang them.

Baby clothes hanging

Get some child-size hangers and hang up all of baby’s clothes so that they are easy to see. Since baby clothes are so small, if you fold them they can easily get lost and disorganized in drawers. Everyone I’ve talked to, myself included, says hanging baby clothes is the way to go!

Organize by size and style

Organize from smallest to largest and purchase some baby size closet dividers to help you know what is what.

Use a over the door shoe organizer

Get a clear over the door shoe organizer to put on the inside of your baby’s closest. This can be used to store shoes, socks, pajamas, burp cloths, swaddles and so much more!

I’m so glad I saw this tip on Pinterest before I had my daughter. It made her closet so much more organized and it was easy to quickly see and grab what we needed when our newborn needed something quick. We still use it to this day for shoes and pajamas!

There are so many things that go into choosing clothes for your baby but the main thing to remember is don’t overdo it! Take your time and pick out clothes your baby will actually need and use.

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