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Checklist for 1st Trimester: Pregnancy To Do List by Trimester

April 16, 2021
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So you just found out you’re pregnant, congratulations! Being pregnant is one of the best feelings but you might notice that you are getting overwhelmed. “Okay, I’m pregnant, what now?” Don’t worry, I think all moms feel that way at some point.

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What should I do when I find out I’m pregnant?

When you first find out you are pregnant you are going to want to first confirm that you are truly pregnant. This might be through multiple at home pregnancy tests or through your OBGYN.

What to expect in the first trimester

There are so many pregnancy symptoms that can start during your first trimester. You might notice morning sickness, increased bathroom frequency, sciatic nerve pain, headaches, etc.

Most things you are going to experience are normal but if you ever have a question about a symptom be sure to ask your care provider.

You can also expect your first trimester to seem somewhat boring. No one knows you’re pregnant, you don’t look pregnant, you don’t know the gender of the baby and there isn’t much you can do yet.

Cherish the calm before the storm and take it easy on yourself.

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Checklist for First Trimester

1 . Start taking prenatals

You want to start taking a prenatal vitamin as soon as you find out you’re pregnant. This helps your body and your baby get all the nutrients it needs. These nutrients help baby’s development and can also help you feel your best.

What Prenatal should I take?

This is completely up to you and your doctor. If you don’t have a specific brand in mind, talk to your doctor about what they think is best. Most of them have the same basic ingredients in them.

2 . Call your health insurance

Get a head start on figuring out how much pregnancy and birth is going to cost you. Some insurance companies will let you make a payment plan to go ahead and start paying for your upcoming hospital stay.

It’s also helpful to get an idea of what you are going to be spending and what you need to be saving which leads us into our next point…

3 . Make a baby budget

Having a budget is always a good idea! Write down all the things you think you are going to spend money on and see how much it totals too. If you aren’t wanting to spend that much or you’re shocked by the number, don’t worry.

Think of ways that you can save on those items. Start looking for sales for bigger ticket items. Start looking on places like Facebook Marketplace for used baby items.

You can also put some of those items on your baby registry. It’s just a good idea to get a rough estimate of what you are going to spend on baby and how much you need to save.

4 . Think about what kind of birth you want

Are you wanting a natural birth? Do you want an epidural? Do you want a hospital birth? Do you want to give birth in a birth center or home birth? You obviously don’t have to decide all of these now but it’s good to start thinking about these things because our next step is…

5 . Research OBGYNs or Midwives

What type of birth you want is going to affect who you choose as your care provider. If you are wanting a hospital birth then you want to go with an OB or a midwife that has hospital privileges.

You also need to think about what hospital you want to give birth at because certain doctors only deliver at certain hospitals.

When researching care providers you also want to ask things like their c-section rate, their policy on how long after your due date you can go, etc. Think of things that are important to you and then ask your provider choices about those things.

6 . Schedule your first appointment

Different doctors are going to schedule your first appointment at different times but typically it’s between 6-8weeks pregnant. Go ahead and schedule your first appointment so you can make sure everything is going great with your pregnancy.

7 . Plan your pregnancy announcement

Start thinking about when you want to start telling people that you are pregnant. Some people like to wait until the end of the first trimester and others do it earlier, it’s all up to you.

Start thinking about when and how you are going to announce. Pregnancy announcements can be big and elaborate or they can just be you telling someone in person. Think about what you want and start planning if it involves planning.

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8 . Start taking weekly pictures

This is something I didn’t do with my first pregnancy and wish that I had. Start taking weekly or at least monthly bumpdates and I promise, you won’t regret it.

9 . Start a name list

I know you don’t know the gender yet but you can still start making a list of ideas. Deciding on a baby name can be hard so it’s best to start early. Keep a list on your phone of ones that you are your husband like, that way you can look back on them when you find out what you’re having.

I have several Baby Name Idea posts on here including Unique Boy Names, Unique Girl Names, and Nature Inspired Names.

10 . Learn about the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy

This is when it’s best to talk to your care provider. The internet is going to give you 50 different answers to what you can and can’t do while you’re pregnant.

Things like, “can i sleep on my stomach when pregnant,” “What can I not eat when pregnant?,” “Can I have caffeine when pregnant?” People are going to tell you lots of different answers to these questions so do your research and talk to your care provider to get the best answers.

What other things should I be doing in my first trimester?

This trimester is mainly about keeping yourself healthy. You might be riddled with morning sickness so your focus should be on eating, drinking, and staying healthy. Don’t try to do too much during this stage. Wait till your second trimester to get busy because most women have more energy then.

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