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25 Homemade Natural Cleaning Recipes

March 6, 2020

I love having a clean house and I love the fresh smell after cleaning. What I don’t love is the fact that those cleaning products I just use and that scent I smell are both toxic. 

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25 homemade natural cleaning recipes

Why Non Toxic Cleaners?

Traditional cleaning products contain harmful ingredients known to cause all kinds of problems in our bodies.

You know when you clean the bathroom and you start coughing or having trouble breathing because of the cleaners you are using? Yeah that’s not good.

These chemicals that we are using to clean our homes are just causing us harm.

The ingredients in these cleaners can contain carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and skin irritants. Natural cleaning products are better for the environment, your home and your health. 

Why DIY cleaning products?

You could go out and buy natural cleaning products and that would be fine but why not DIY them?

These recipes are so simple to make and most of the ingredients you already have on hand.

Plus it can be more environmentally friendly because you are reusing spray bottles instead of going out and buying new ones while you throw away the old one.

Now let’s get into the recipes!


Best Homemade and DIY Natural Toilet Cleaners by Cut The Grime

Toilet Bombs Recipe By The Country Chic Cottage

toilet bombs recipe

This super simple DIY toilet cleaner recipe will have your toilets looking clean in no time. These only contain a few ingredients and take almost no time to make!

DIY Grout Cleaner By Ann’s Entitled Life

diy grout cleaner

This DIY grout cleaner only contains 4 ingredients and I’m almost certain you already have all of them on hand. This will have your shower or floor tile looking great in no time!

Super Simple Shower Cleaner By Pink Fortitude

super simple shower cleaner diy

This natural shower cleaner recipe is super easy and will have your shower shining in no time. It also uses essential oils so you don’t have to worry about breathing in toxic fragrances.

Inexpensive DIY Homemade Bathroom Cleaner By Thrifty Frugal Mom

inexpensive homemade bathroom cleaner

This easy bathroom cleaner is sure to have your bathroom sparkling and clean. I’m sure you already have these ingredients on hand making this an easy DIY cleaner! I would recommend using a nontoxic dish soap for this recipe.

Homemade Soft Scrub By Earth Friendly Tips

homemade soft scrub

Soft Scrub is so versatile but it contains toxic ingredients. This homemade version is super easy to make and works great. You can use it to clean your bathroom, kitchen sink or laundry room.

All Purpose/Kitchen

Dishwasher Detergent DIY By Happiest Camper Homestead

dishwasher detergent diy

This DIY only contains 2 ingredients and some essential oils! You’ll have nice clean dishes without all those nasty chemicals on them.

Homemade All Purpose Cleaner By Savor + Savvy

Homemade all purpose cleaner

I guarantee that you have all the ingredients for this Homemade All Purpose Cleaner on hand. It’s also scented with essential oils so you know you aren’t breathing in anything harmful.

DIY All Purpose Cleaner By Primal Edge Health

DIY all purpose cleaner

This is another option for a DIY all purpose cleaner and it has one main ingredient, vinegar. This is a great quick option to whip up to clean all the surfaces in your home.

DIY All Purpose Cleaner By One Crazy Mom

DIY all purpose cleaner

This DIY cleaner recipe actually offers two different versions, one with vinegar and one without. This is a great option for those who can’t handle the smell of vinegar but want to use natural DIY products in their home.

Pine Vinegar Homemade Kitchen Cleaner By Turning The Clock Back

pine vinegar homemade kitchen cleaner

Who doesn’t love the smell of pine? It makes your house smell fresh and clean. This DIY only contains 2 ingredients, vinegar and pine!

Homemade Cleaning Wipes By Crayons & Cravings

homemade cleaning wipes

I love the convince of cleaning wipes but I don’t love all the chemicals in them. These DIY cleaning wipes are a great alternative and super easy to make.

Make Your Own Disinfectant Spray By Homemade Lovely

make your own disinfectant spray

This all purpose cleaner recipe uses essential oils to ensure you are getting a good clean. Use this in your kitchen to get nice clean surfaces without all the nasty ingredients.

Homemade Disinfectant Wipes By Easy Organized Home

homemade disinfectant wipes

These cleaning wipes are great for your home and the environment. This recipe uses reusable cloths instead of paper towels which can also be great for your budget!

Natural Air Freshener for Home By Meraki Mother

natural air freshener for home

We all want our home to smell nice but those store bought air fresheners are filled with toxic artificial fragrances. This homemade air freshener uses essential oils to create the “fragrance” and there are several different scent options to choose from.

DIY Odor Eliminator Spray By Homemade Lovely

diy odor eliminator recipe

This odor eliminator spray is bound to have your house smelling fresh and clean. She also included free printable labels!

Homemade Glass Cleaner By Brown Thumb Mama

homemade glass cleaner

This DIY glass cleaner only contains 2 ingredients and I’m pretty sure you already have them in your pantry. Now your windows and mirrors will be shiny and clear without nasty chemicals and dyes.


Floor Cleaner By Pink Fortitude

floor cleaner

Your floors will be sparkling clean after using this DIY floor cleaner. You can also use it for dusting which makes this a great cleaner to keep on hand!

DIY Hardwood Floor Cleaner By One Crazy Mom

DIY Hardwood floor cleaner

Your wood floors will be shiny and clean with this super simple DIY wood floor cleaner. This recipe includes olive oil which will have your floors looking shiny and fresh.

Homemade Floor Cleaner By Slay At Home Mother

Homemade Floor Cleaner

This DIY recipe is great for mopping your floors and helping your house smell fresh and clean. The essential oils help clean and create a great smell throughout your home.

Homemade Carpet Cleaner By Earth Friendly Tips

Homemade Carpet Cleaner

Carpets can be hard to keep clean and they can hold odors making your house smell funky. This DIY carpet cleaner can help clean stains out of your carpet while making it smell so much better.


DIY Lemon Lime Dusting Spray By Bitz & Giggles

DIY Lemon Lime Dusting Spray

This dusting spray recipe uses walnut oil to make your wood shiny and clean. Your home will also smell great with the lemon lime scent of this spray!

Wood Butter Recipe By Turning The Clock Back

All Natural DIY Wood Butter

This DIY wood butter recipe will have your wood looking new and shiny. It is super easy to make and should last you a while.

Wall Cleaning Solution By Slay At Home Mother

Wall Cleaning Solution

I think we all forget about cleaning the walls and ceilings, I know I do! This easy recipe makes cleaning the walls easy and look at this before and after and how much of a difference it makes!

DIY Stain Remover By Nifty Thrifty DIYer

DIY Stain Remover

Most stain removers are full of nasty chemicals but DIYing it can get rid of those chemicals. Try this simple stain remover recipe!

These homemade cleaner recipes can have your whole home clean without using any nasty chemicals! Let me know if you try any of them out, I would love to know what you think!


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