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7 Things I Would Do Differently In My First Pregnancy

May 8, 2020

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Pregnancy is a beautiful time and it’s super special as a first time mom. I enjoyed being pregnant (after the morning sickness stopped). But looking back there are definitely some things I would have done differently. 

Before we get started, let’s do a quick run through of my pregnancy. I had a textbook, healthy pregnancy which I’m very thankful for. I had morning sickness, actually more like night sickness, up until about 20 weeks but other than that I didn’t have any issues. Pregnancy for me was a good experience.

Now, let’s pause for a minute. I know every pregnancy is different and every mom is different. Some people are going to be more sentimental and some people are going to be counting down the days until they aren’t pregnant anymore and that is perfectly fine. I can’t speak to how pregnancy makes you feel but all of these are things I personally wish I would have done.

Focus more on eating healthy

I was one of those pregnant ladies who was like, “I’m pregnant so I can eat whatever I want.” Well turns out, that isn’t always the best approach.

Now if you want to take that approach then more power to you! But as a first time mom I don’t think I realized how important nutrition was. I gained more weight when I was pregnant than I should have and I still haven’t been able to lose it (my daughter is almost 3).

With my next pregnancy I definitely plan on focusing more on eating healthier foods and splurging every now and then. I know this will make me feel better and it’ll also make postpartum easier.

Take Maternity photos

I was the person who thought maternity photos were a waste of money but looking back I really wish I would have done them. I wish I had those photos to look back on for years to come. With my next pregnancy I will definitely be doing maternity photos.

I only have pregnancy pictures of me in front of this wall.

Hire a Doula

I did research into natural birth and I felt prepared but it turns out, I wasn’t. I always thought having a doula would be cool but they are expensive and at the time didn’t seem like an absolute necessity.

Looking back over how my birth went, I would have loved to have a doula to help me through it. For my next pregnancy I will have a doula to help support me and hopefully get the natural birth I plan for.

More research about my hospital

I didn’t really know this was a thing but I should’ve done more research into my hospital. What is the C-section rate? What are the nurses like? What do other moms think? What are their restrictions on how you can and can’t labor?

There are so many questions you could research but just find what is important to you. There was nothing wrong with the hospital I gave birth at but it wasn’t the most “natural birth” friendly. 

Take more natural birth/breastfeeding classes

We took all the classes! We took a newborn care class, a breastfeeding class, a water birth class and more. We also took a Bradley method class which I would highly recommend.

However, one thing I wish I would have done is looked into more independent classes or more natural minded classes. Most of the classes we took were through our local hospital which is fine but I think I would have learned more though more natural minded classes that were more in line with our style of living and parenting.

Take weekly bump pics

This may seem cheesy but I wish I had these to look back on and to compare to future pregnancies. I only took a “week” bump pics throughout my pregnancy but I wish I had more. If you are a first time mom, take weekly pics. You may think they are silly but you will love looking back on them in the future.

I did 3-4 of these the whole time I was pregnant, I wish I had more to look back on.

Prepare more for postpartum

Why does no one truly prepare you for postpartum?! I was not prepared for being exhausted but not being able to sleep or the pain associated with stitches. I wish I would have prepared more for postpartum and looked more into that than I did. If you are a first time mom take this as a tip, PREPARE FOR POSTPARTUM!

I was exhausted after having my daughter.

Not go crazy on the baby clothes

This one is so hard! I bought most of my daughters clothes at consignment stores and by the time she was born she had all her clothes up to 9 months. I just bought according to what season it would be when she was that age.

Well, my daughter was very tiny and never wore the right age size clothing. She wore 0-3 month clothing until she was almost 9 months. Then she flew through 3-6 month clothes and was on to 6-9.

All that to say, we had way too many clothes of some size and not enough of others. So take my advice and just by a few things of each size until your baby gets to that size clothing.

Also another note, babies don’t need that many items of clothing. They pretty much wear onesies or pajamas all the time so don’t spend a ton of money on cute outfits because odds are they won’t get much use.

There are so many things that could go on this list but these are the most important for me. I think a lot of women rush through pregnancy and then miss it when it’s over, I know I did. 

What are some things you would change during your pregnancy?

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    May 19, 2020 at 8:40 pm

    I so relate to all of these things! I especially wish I had learned more about pregnancy when I was pregnant. I was so focused on learning about birth and postpartum and newborns that I never thought to actually learn about myself and what I was going through then. I would have been so much happier and healthier.

    This is such a great post for first time pregnant moms to read!

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