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Essential Oils 101: Essential Oils for Beginners

January 17, 2020

Since we started using nontoxic products in our home, essential oils have become a big part of our life.

I had heard great things about essential oils and had even used them here and there before but I wasn’t loyal to a brand.

When I decided that I wanted to use oils for our family, I did some research to figure out which company to use. When I looked up Young Living I found out about Seed to Seal.

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Essential Oils 101: Essential oils for beginners

This means that from the time the plant is planted to the time the oil is packaged and sealed in the bottle, Young Living has the strictest standards. They own all their farms and you can visit them to see for yourself how they make these oils.

That was a big deal for me and I decided to jump in and order a starter kit. I ordered from a girl that I knew from high school. She had been talking about essential oils on her Instagram and I was even more intrigued.

She talked about the Premium Starter Kit and how great of a deal it was and I decided to go for it. I thought I would tell y’all a little about the Starter Kit so here we go!

The starter kit comes with a diffuser, 12 oils, 2 packets of Ningxia, Thieves hand purifier, Thieves spray, and some information.

Let’s talk about the oils first.


Lavender is nicknamed the swiss army knife of essential oils. It is great for so many different things.

Most people know that Lavender is good for relaxation and sleep. You can diffuse it at night or rub it on your feet for sleep support.

It is also good for skin support & reducing itch. We like to add this to lotion to help when Braelynn’s skin is irritated.

I also love to add Lavender to my dry shampoo and mermaid hair spray. It is great for keeping your hair soft and healthy.

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Pretty much if you have an ailment and don’t know what oil to use, try Lavender.

2. Peppermint

Peppermint is great for head tension and sore muscles. I dilute it with fractionated coconut oil and rub it on my temples and the back of my neck for head tension.

It’s also great for nausea. I like to keep a bottle in the car to help with car sickness.

It’s also great for respiratory support. You can breathe in peppermint to loosen things up.

Young Living Peppermint
Rhesa Rogers Photography

3. Lemon

Citrus oils are my favorite! Lemon is good for skin support and keeping your skin bright. I add it to my face serum, which you can find the recipe for in the post linked below.

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It’s also good for digestive support. Some say that drinking lemon water in the morning before you eat anything can really help with digestion.

I also use lemon when cleaning. I’ll add it to my Thieves cleaner and I’ll also diffuse it to help make the house smell fresh and clean.

It’s also great to diffuse when you are needing an energy boost. Lemon is great for so many things!

Young Living Lemon
Rhesa Rogers Photography

4. DiGize

The name kind of gives this one away. DiGize is great for digestive support.

It isn’t the best smelling oil so I just pop a roller top on it and use it that way. Just roll it on your stomach whenever you need it.

Young Living Digize
Rhesa Rogers Photography

5. PanAway

This is another oil that its name kind of gives it away. PanAway is great for some muscles and head tension.

I like to add it to some coconut oil and rub it on sore muscles.

6. Valor

This is my all time favorite oil, it’s one I will never be without. It is great for emotional support.

Valor is nicknamed “courage in a bottle.” I was skeptical when everyone raved about this oil but after I tried it, I knew why they loved it so much.

If I could suggest one emotional support oil it would definitely be Valor.

7. StressAway

StressAway is great for…you guessed it, stress. This oil is great for emotional support and it smells like vacation in a bottle. It is one of the only oils with vanilla in it and it’s super relaxing.

It’s great for diffusing or even rolling on your wrists.

Young Living Stress Away
Rhesa Rogers Photography

8. Peace & Calming

This is another emotional support oil and it’s probably my second favorite oil (I have lots of favorites). It is great for relaxation and calming nerves.

This is the oil that we use every night on Braelynn before she goes to sleep. I use it sometimes too for sleep support, oh and it smells amazing. I love this recipe that Casey Wiegand from shares for DIY Kids Calm Butter using Peace & Calming.

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Girl applying essential oils to feet
Rhesa Rogers Photography

9. Thieves

Everyone needs Thieves oil in their life. This is an immune support powerhouse.

It got it’s name because during the time of the Plague thieves would go into the houses of the dead and steal their belongings.

These thieves would wear the herbs and spices that are in the Thieves oil and it would keep them from getting the Plague.

We use it every night on our feet to help support our immune systems. When we aren’t feeling great we up that and use it several times throughout the day.

It also smells like fall so I love diffusing it or adding it to DIY room sprays (recipe in link below).

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Young Living Thieves
Rhesa Rogers Photography

10. Frankincense

Frankincense is good for so many things. It’s great for skin support and overall wellness.

I like to add this to Thieves to help boost immune support. This oil is expensive by itself so it’s awesome that they included it in the starter kit.

Young Living Frankincense
Rhesa Rogers Photography

11. Citrus Fresh

This one is great for diffusing to help boost your mood. Citrus oils are great for lifting your spirit.

I also like to use this one in cleaning and making the house smell clean and fresh.

Young Living Citrus Fresh
Rhesa Rogers Photography

12. Raven

This oil is great for respiratory support. I like to add it to a little coconut oil and use it as a chest rub when I have the sniffles.

Young Living Raven
Rhesa Rogers Photography

The Premium Starter Kit also comes with a diffuser of your choice. Diffusing oils is one of the easiest ways to use them, plus it makes your house smell amazing!

As I mentioned before, it also comes with 2 sample packets of Ningxia Red which is an awesome antioxidant drink that is full of nutrients. It also tastes really good.

Ningxia red is equal to

The Premium Starter kit is $165 for everything that I just mentioned. That’s a crazy price because the retail price of all of this is over $350! If you are wanting to get started using oils then this is definitely the way to go.

Young Living premium starter kit

If you have any questions or are interested in trying out an oil shoot me a message or an email and I’ll be glad to help. 

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Oils have helped us so much and we love them. I know you will too!



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    February 5, 2020 at 1:13 am

    This is such a great guide! I definitely need more citrus oils in my life. I didn’t know all of the different uses of lavender though.

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      February 5, 2020 at 1:55 am

      Citrus oils are the best! And YES! Lavender is good for so many things!

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