First Time Mom Advice: 15 Tips for First Time Moms

July 31, 2020

Being a first time mom can be scary. You come home with this little baby and have no clue what you are supposed to do. You’ll spend a lot of time googling things and there will be a lot of trial and error.

One important thing is to learn from moms who have been there. I know everyone will want to give you advice and most of it won’t be good advice but some of it will be.

I’ve collected advice and tips for first time moms from some awesome blogger mamas and I wanted to share some practical advice for new moms with you.

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first time mom advice

General Tips

Remember that this is your baby and you know what’s best for him/her. I spent a lot of time wondering if I was doing the right thing for my baby by getting her on a sleep routine. I questioned everything I did until one of my friends said “whatever you are doing is right.” You know your baby best and whatever you do for your baby is the right choice! Trust that intuition mama! -Amy Motroni from

Don’t stress about the little things, and allow your loved ones to help you without feeling guilty! -Jessica Bailey from

Trust your instinct. Sure, you’ve never done this before but you know what’s best for you and your baby – trust me. Your mental health will thank you for it. When you first become a mom you will be given so many tips from well-meaning friends and family. I felt so confused at first by all the (usually conflicting!) advice. Listen to the tips but choose whether or not to take it on board. Don’t worry, you will find your own way and you will be a brilliant mom! -Gemma Roberts from

Welcome to motherhood! Wow, if I could share something valuable to help you as you begin this journey of motherhood it would be to help you see this important truth… You are entering into the most important phase of your life. This is where not only will you do the most important work on this planet in caring for and raising precious children, it is also the phase where you will be given ample opportunity to learn the most valuable life lessons. Lessons such as selflessness, sacrifice, the deepest and most fulfilling kind of love there is, service, leadership, communication, forgiveness, true joy, humility, abundance, and how to build happy family relationships. Motherhood is the greatest school there is. Be patient with yourself as you are schooled in these lessons, and do yourself a favor and fully engage in the opportunities to learn them. Motherhood is powerful, beautiful, joyful, hard, and so very satisfying. -Myra Johnson from

Never, ever, ever turn down someone’s offer to help you. Even if you are someone who doesn’t like to ask or accept help, if someone asks “Is there anything I can do for you?”, say “Yes!” It could be anything from doing the dishes, taking the dog for a walk, or simply holding the baby so you can go brush your teeth. You will regret turning down these offers, so embrace them instead! People truly want to help new moms and it makes them feel good too. -Jessica Espinoza from

Don’t use nap time as a time to get caught up on housework. Take that time for a needed nap or self care for yourself. -Ellen LaFleche-Christian from

At the end of the day just remember to take a deep breath or two because…. Crap happens. Literally. -from Tales of a Tired Mom

Learn to ask for help. Don’t try to do it all yourself. If you have a support system, embrace it. -Kelli Bhattacharjee from

Financial Tips

Watch your spending on baby things. I know the tendency to want to buy every cute baby item you see. It adds up fast. Particularly with baby clothes, you might not get any or much wear out of it. -Jacqueline Gilchrist from

Sleep Tips

If the crib can fit in your room, start baby off in the crib. It’ll make the transition to baby’s room easier on both of you. Baby will already be used to the crib and you’ll feel comfortable with them sleeping in it. -Amy from

Swaddle your baby! My youngest wouldn’t sleep unless he was laying on me. I slept sitting up in bed for 6 weeks and besides being unsafe, it was incredibly uncomfortable. Someone suggested swaddling and it saved me! My son slept in his bassinet the first night he was swaddled. My other kids never wanted to be swaddled so it never even occurred to me to try this. -Christina from

Feeding Tips

Instead of using a bottle warmer, it is quicker (and cheaper) to warm up breast milk or formula bottles from the fridge by filling a pint glass with hot tap water. Put the bottle from the fridge in the glass. After about 1 minute, this warms the milk just enough for your baby to drink it. -Jeanne Visser from

Include lots of protein and galactagogues into your diet right from the start to increase your milk supply. Starting out breastfeeding can be really hard, one thing you have control over is keeping your milk supply up. If you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re making enough milk for baby, it makes the transition into motherhood that much less stressful. -Allie Edwards from

Get a breast pump! Even if you plan on nursing or using formula, sometimes things go wrong. I planned on breastfeeding but all three of my kids had really bad posterior tongue ties and lip ties, so they never latched on and I ended up pumping exclusively. Already having a good breast pump (which most health insurances will provide for free!) on hand was a life saver. -Tiffany Thomas from

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Baby Products Tips

Get a good stroller and use it often! My sanity saver was taking the 3-mile round trip walk to our library regularly. Between that and breastfeeding, I lost the baby weight no problem. -Jen Blaske from

Another tip for first time moms is to have tools to make your life easier. Our new mom printables are great for this! They include things like feeding tracking sheets, milestone tracking sheets, diaper bag checklists, and more! You can check it out by clicking the graphic below!

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What advice would you give to a first time mom?

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