More than Just A Game: Why Kids Need Yoga as Much as We Do

June 1, 2021
Yoga with kid

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Description: While adults draw many benefits from practicing yoga, you can also use yoga for kids’ training to impart vital qualities. Yoga enhances flexibility and promotes balance. It also fosters patience and refines fine motor skills.

Today’s kids live in a hurry-up world. Their parents are busy, they’re exposed to school pressures, video games to play, malls to visit, and incessant lessons to learn. Most adults don’t consider these influences as stressful, but often, they could stress your children. Yoga for kids benefits can counter all the pressure they’re exposed to in their daily lives.

Embraced at an early age, yoga encourages self-esteem and teaches different techniques for self-health. It also fosters cooperation and compassion, which is a great thing to impart to children.

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

1. Improves Cognitive Functioning and Memory

One reason to consider when to start yoga with kids is that it boosts cognitive functioning and improves memory. It creates focus within as one requires concentration of both the body and mind. The kid has to pay attention to their breathing pattern and the movement of their body. Some poses, especially balancing poses, demand concentration. When your kids practice yoga, they’re exploring their ability to focus, which translates to better cognitive functioning.

2. Improves their Social Relationships

While yoga is considered an individual activity, yoga for kids and parents involves a social component. When children join others for yoga classes, they can share experiences. Their entire yoga practice is social as it typically includes games, songs, and fun activities that get them learning from each other. This fosters an engaging environment where the kids can have fun, learn to trust their friends, and talk to their counterparts.

3. Improves Strength and Breath Control

It takes some strength to practice yoga for kids’ poses. One requires both mental and physical strength. When you practice yoga regularly, you notice cognitive and physical changes within yourself, particularly increased upper body strength, flexibility, and mental clarity. This newfound strength comes down to the breath.

When you breathe quickly, you increase muscle tension and lower focus while heightening the fight-or-flight response. These are detrimental to your mind and body. Yoga for kids training teaches breathing techniques and builds physical and mental strength, reducing chances of depression and obesity.

4. Yoga Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Yoga, Mom, and Kid

Through yoga poses for kids cards, you can help improve your kid’s mood and reduce stress and anxiety. The body experiences negative emotions, especially in the lower back or neck. Sometimes these emotions are good, but only in small amounts.

For kids, it’s necessary to learn how to balance between negative and positive emotions. Practicing yoga reduces stress and anxiety as it relieves tension throughout the kid’s body. Get the best beginning yoga DVD to help your child release the negativity built up within their bodies.

5. Yoga Fosters Coping Skills and Independence

You want to learn how to teach yoga to your kids as it helps them recognize what social and individual mean. Kids will rarely do things by themselves, but it’s still vital to teaching them coping skills and independence. Yoga offers a great way to impart these skills.

When you increase independence, you also help your kids develop coping skills. They should learn to be independent while they get support from people around them. This prepares them for life later when they’ll be required to face challenges and handle them without their parents’ guidance.

6. Yoga Imparts Perseverance and Determination

Another value your kids can pick from yoga is determination and perseverance. It’s a fun activity practiced in a non-competitive environment, which allows your kids to learn breathing techniques and new poses. They enjoy the feeling of mastering and accomplishing something, so they’ll be determined through the lessons. Determination and perseverance create excitement, and these values can be applied in other areas of life.


Practicing yoga with your kids is not just about playing a fun game. It comes with many vital benefits your kids can explore to improve different areas of their lives. It’s the best way to release their stress, and if they’re attending classes, it improves their social relationships.

How did you integrate yoga into your kid’s life? Share ideas below.

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