My 5 Favorite Podcasts Right Now

My new thing lately has been listening to podcasts. I love listening to what others have to say about topics and I also enjoy learning new things. I thought I would share some of my favorite podcasts with you today.

The Sister Show

The Sister Show- favorite podcasts

This is my top favorite podcast right now. The hosts of this show, Ashleigh and Angela, are in fact real sisters. I’ve followed both of them on YouTube for a while and I’ve loved following their stories. They each have 7 children and Angela is a huge advocate for adoption. They talk about diet culture, mom culture, and pretty much anything motherhood. They aren’t afraid to tell the truth and to talk about taboo topics. I love their honesty and their real life outlook on things. The first season of The Sister Show is actually on YouTube and the second season is an actual podcast, so you can find it anywhere you get your podcasts. I love following their story, I think you will too.

Angela’s YouTube- This Gathered Nest
Ashleigh’s YouTube- Joyful Chaos

***UPDATE: Angela and Ashleigh have recently decided that they are no longer doing The Sister Show podcast. I still recommend you go back and listen to the episodes they have done, you will love them!

The Garcia Diaries

The Garcia Diaries favorite podcasts list

This one is new but it’s so good! Anthony and Bethanie Garcia talk about marriage, family struggles, and so much more. I recently started following Bethanie on Instagram and she is so honest about motherhood. Her feed isn’t filled with perfect pictures but with real life moments. I’ve loved following her journey of honest motherhood. Her husband is also quite funny so the episodes might have heavy topics but there’s always a little fun thrown in there. Check them out!

Blog- The Garcia Diaries
Instagram- @thegarciadiaries

Behind the Scenes

Behind The Scenes podcast

Most people know Jeremy and Audrey Roloff from the TLC show Little People Big World, but they started a podcast and it is so good. They answer fans questions, talk about marriage, kids, and all things love. They also recently released a book called A Love Letter Life and it’s so good. Most young people don’t take marriage as seriously as they should but Jeremy and Audrey are trying to change that. They often have guests on the show and share advice about how to build a strong marriage. They’ve had guests on that have been through any situation you can name. People have dealt with loss, adultery, dishonesty, and anything else you can think of, but they’ve all came out on top and share their advice for handling those situations. If you’re married I highly recommend checking them out.

The Go-Getter’s Podcast

The Go-Getters podcast favorite podcasts list

Kaysa Morris has a whole business built around teachers selling their resources and making more money. She was able to build her business and leave the classroom to work for herself full time. Now she teaches other teachers how to do the same. But this podcast isn’t just for teachers. The episodes are inspiring and speak to anyone in any career. She talks about getting through hurdles and building the life you want. I also love that her episodes are short and to the point. Check her out if you need a little motivation!

Instagram- @kaysemorris

Confessions of a Crappy Christian

Confessions of a Crappy Christian favorite podcasts list

In this podcast Blake Guichet shares honest truths about mental health, motherhood, and just everyday struggles. I love her honesty and her fearlessness. She isn’t afraid to talk about the hard topics. She regularly has guest on the podcast to discuss different topics and it’s so good hearing other people’s perspectives on hard situations. Blake has been so open about her struggles with mental health issues and I love that. I think there’s such a stigma around mental health and there doesn’t need to be. Go check her out for some truth bombs.

Blog- Confessions of a Crappy Christian
Instagram- @thegirlnamedblake

I’m always looking for new recommendations, so what are some of your favorite podcasts? Do you listen to any of these 5 already? Let me know in the comments below!

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