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Non Toxic Baby Registry Guide

May 1, 2020
non toxic baby registry

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When you’re pregnant and start looking at the things you need for your baby, you might start to get overwhelmed. There are so many baby products out there! How are you supposed to know what you need and what you don’t.

I felt the same way when I was pregnant but now looking back I realize how many things we really didn’t need. I wanted to share with you a list of all the things I really thing you need for a baby.

I also wanted to share non toxic options that we used. Most baby products have an organic or non toxic version so it’s best to choose that when you can.

But enough rambling, let’s get into the products for your non toxic baby registry.

Non Toxic Baby Registry Guide



We used one like this because our bathroom is small and we liked that it could fold up when we weren’t using it. It worked pretty well when our daughter was little but as she got older it got a little more difficult to use. I still think it’s a great option for those that don’t have a ton of space. I’ve also heard people rave about this one.

Shampoo/Baby Wash

When my daughter was really young we used California Baby products and loved them. Now we use Young Living products on her and they work great. Either company is a good non toxic option for your baby. 

Towels/Wash Cloths

It’s important to opt for organic materials whenever possible as they are known to have less chemicals on them. These towels from Burt’s Bees are a great organic option.

If you want to save a little money I would recommend skipping the baby towels and just getting some high quality regular bath towels to use for the baby. This way you can use them for a longer period of time and get your money’s worth out of them.



I’ve personally never used this product but so many people rave about it. I also like that it’s BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free. If you are planning to breastfeed I would definitely try this out.


There are differing opinions on whether you should get a Boppy pillow or a Breast friend pillow but either way I think you should get one of them. We had a boppy and used it some for breastfeeding but it also came in handy for other things like laying the baby down on or helping her sit up some.


I started off with a pump from Ameda because it was what my insurance gave me. I used it for a couple of weeks but it just didn’t work very well. I then ordered a Spectra and I loved it. I would highly recommend it.

Breastmilk Storage Bags

You can really use any storage bags but I really liked the Lansinoh brand.

Bottle Feeding


We used regular bottles with my daughter because honestly I didn’t think it was a big deal. With our next child we will use glass bottles. I plan to try these from Life Factory as I’ve heard great things about them. I also love that they have the silicone sleeve so if you drop them they won’t break as easily. If you aren’t wanting to use glass bottles then these Comotomo ones are another great option.

Bottle Brush

We really like this one from Munchkin because it comes with a smaller brush too.

Drying Rack

We have two of these and still use them now even though our daughter is a toddler. We have the Boon Sprig and this one from Munchkin. Out of the two I would have to say that I like the Boon one better because it is a little easier to clean. They both get the job done though.



We were a fan of Pampers and they even have a more non toxic version now. We also used Honest diapers some and those worked well for us too.


Water wipes are probably the best non toxic option for baby wipes. We didn’t stick to a certain brand but we always made sure we got hypoallergenic and fragrance free wipes.

Diaper Bag

I would recommend getting an actual diaper bag like this one. Don’t be like me and think you can just use a regular backpack. It was so disorganized and you would definitely be better off with an actual diaper bag with pockets for everything you need.

Diaper Rash Cream

We use the Seedlings Diaper Cream from Young Living and love it. It works great and it’s gentle on baby’s skin.

Diaper Pad

You will want a diaper pad like this one and some covers to go with it. I also highly suggest getting these pads from Munchkin as they make cleaning up accidents so much easier.

On the Go Changing Pad

You just need one that folds up in your diaper bag and most diaper bags come with them. This is one we used and it worked great.

On the Go trash bags

These are lifesavers when you don’t have anywhere to put a dirty diaper. They also come in handy when you need somewhere to put dirty clothes.

Diaper Pail

We used the Diaper Genie and I wasn’t a fan. It worked fine but remembering to buy refills for it was annoying. Next time we will use the UBBI diaper pail because I’ve heard it contains smells better.



The crib choice all depends on your style and as far as mattresses go you can pretty much choose any. There are some more natural options out there but it all depends on your price point.


We used one like this, but honestly our daughter didn’t sleep in it much. I’ve heard from a lot of moms that they barely used their bassinet so you may want to just skip this step.


I would opt for organic sheets so the baby isn’t breathing in so many chemicals. There are many brands out there but these by Burt’s Bees Baby are a great option.

Mattress Protector

You want a waterproof mattress protector so that if your baby has an accident then you don’t ruin the mattress. Make sure you choose one that is organic so it isn’t full of chemicals.

Sound Machine

We love this sound machine because it has several different sounds to choose from and it has a projector option. Now that our daughter is older she loves the projector as a night light. She also loves that you can change out the projector scenes.


We loved the Swaddle Me because it velcros and your baby can’t get out of them as easily. With traditional swaddle blankets, our daughter never stayed swaddled. She always got out of her swaddle. When we switched to the Swaddle Me, she stayed snug. They also have an organic option.



My daughter didn’t like the swing but I know some people swear by them. This one is like the one we had but really just make sure you pick one that you like and that doesn’t take up too much space.


My daughter LOVED her bouncer. We got a simple one with vibration and she loved it. I would put her in it anytime I needed to get something done and she would sit there content and a lot of times she would fall asleep. You don’t need anything fancy, just something basic will do.

Baby Carrier

You need a good baby carrier. We love our Tula but it really is just personal preference. I would recommend asking around to some of your mom friends and seeing if you can try out some of their carriers before investing in one of your own. This way you can find out exactly what you like and what you want to spend money on.

Snuggle Me Organic

We did not have a Snuggle Me but I know people love them. It is a bit of an investment piece but if you can splurge a little then I would say it’s probably worth it. I plan to get one with our next baby.

Pack N Play

If you plan to travel anywhere with your baby then I would recommend a pack n play. There are so many choices out there and they all are pretty much the same. I would pick one that has the infant attachment with the changing table as this will come in handy when your baby is little.


Baby Monitor

We love our AngelCare baby monitor. We bought it as a set with the AngelCare breathing monitor but we didn’t end up using that long as it kept giving false alarms. The actual video baby monitor though is great and we have never had any problems with it. I would highly recommend it.


We just used a basic rectal thermometer from CVS. They make the forehead thermometers but they are generally more expensive and not necessary in my opinion.

Nail Clippers

Just basic nail clippers!



My daughter never would take a pacifier but these from Ryan & Rose are a great non toxic option. The natural rubber pacifiers from Natursutten are a good option too.

Paci clips

Ryan & Rose has the cutest paci clips but you could really get these anywhere

Play Gym

We bought ours from a yard sale so I can’t link the exact one but this one looks awesome. You are probably thinking you can opt for one that has neutral colors and goes with your home decor, but based on what I’ve heard and experienced babies tend to like the loud colorful ones better.

All of these products can be found on Amazon. You can even create a baby registry on Amazon! They give you a free welcome box with $35 worth of free items for you and baby. They also offer a 10% completion discount and they up it to 15% if you’re a prime member. Click below to check it out!

What are some of your favorite baby items? Share some of your must haves in the comments below!


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