Our Food Allergy Journey | Food Allergy Symptoms

Our food allergy journey began when Braelynn was around 2.5 months old. She was drinking Enfamil Gentlease and had been since she was born. We had never had any issues and then all of a sudden she started projectile vomitting after almost every feed (TMI I know but this is our journey). She also started getting eczema which she hadn’t had before. I researched a little and found out these could be food allergy symptoms. I then suspected a milk allergy so we went in to get the pediatricians thoughts.

6 Things You Should Never Say To A New Mom

Being a new mom is hard. They give you this baby to take home and no one tells you how to take care of it. You’re dealing with sleepless nights, spit up, crying, and pain from giving birth. But through this you’re doing your best and you get into a groove. You start to learn what works best for you and you’re happy with your new little family.

8 Must-Have Baby Products

There are soooo many baby products out there to choose from. It can easily get overwhelming and super expensive if you don’t know what you really need. I wanted to share a few of our must haves for baby. There are only a few things on this list but these are seriously the only things that we HAD to have (other than the obvious diapers, wipes, formula, etc.). Babies don’t need a ton of stuff but here are some of our must haves.