13 Postpartum Must-Haves For Vaginal Birth

July 7, 2020

Everyone prepares you for birth. Everyone prepares you for having a newborn. But no one prepares you for how hard postpartum can be!

When I had my daughter I had no clue what postpartum was going to be like. I blissfully thought that I would have her and I would bleed a little and everything would go back to normal. Boy was I wrong!

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What can I expect from postpartum?

No one prepares you for the vaginal pain, soreness, bleeding nipples, etc. They send you home shortly after your body has gone through the most life-changing thing ever and no one gives you an instruction manual. You don’t even get a follow-up appointment for yourself until 6 weeks after baby is born!

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postpartum must haves

If you are a pregnant mama, I promise I’m not trying to scare you. I just wish someone had told me more about postpartum and had prepared me more for what I would need. That is why I wanted to share some of the best postpartum products with you, so you can be more prepared than I was.

Note: I had a vaginal birth so all the essentials I am recommending are for vaginal births. I can not speak to what is helpful for after a C-section birth.

I’m also not including any breastfeeding or baby-related items on this list. These are all just for you and your body as it’s healing and adjusting to the new changes.

1. Underwear

You are going to want underwear that is a little bigger than what you normally wear because you don’t want anything too tight on your vaginal area. You may also want to opt for “granny panties” so that you can fit maxi pads in them.

2. Maxi Pads or Adult Diapers

You must have one or both of these after giving birth. You are going to bleed a good amount, there’s no way of getting around it. It’s mainly just a preference on which one you use. I liked maxi pads but I have some friends who preferred adult diapers. I would have a pack of both on hand so you can try them out after birth.

3. Padsicles

You may have seen people make these before. Basically it’s a maxi pad with witch hazel and aloe on it and then you freeze them. These are so great for soothing soreness after giving birth.

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4. Tucks Pads

These things are amazing for after birth. They are cool and soothing for a sore vaginal area. I would take one and put it on my maxi-pad as a way to soothe some of the pain. They are also useful for hemorrhoids. 

5. Peri Bottle

I received one of these from the hospital but I would recommend having one in every bathroom. You can purchase them on Amazon if you need more. This is so much easier on your vaginal area than wiping with toilet paper. You want to cause as little irritation down there as possible so that you heal up as quickly as possible.

6. Perineal Spray

There are many different brands out there of this spray so you can choose which one you want to try. This spray is super soothing for your vaginal area and I think it’s definitely a must-have.

7. Dermoplast

Now I know this isn’t the most natural of products but after giving birth I didn’t really care. The hospital provided me with this and it was amazing! This spray numbs your vaginal area and helps soothe itching around cuts and such. I had an episiotomy and had stitches so this spray worked wonders while I was healing.

8. Stool Softener

I received this at the hospital but if you didn’t then I would talk to your doctor about it. Using the bathroom after giving birth can be a little scary so having some help is awesome.

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9. Nursing Bra

Even though I didn’t breastfeed (I pumped), I still wore a nursing bra simply for the comfort. Being comfortable after giving birth is one of the most important things.

10. Comfortable Clothing

Like I mentioned above, it’s important to be comfortable. Loose-fitting clothing is great for after giving birth so that you don’t have tight material on any sensitive areas.

11. Big Water Cup

If you are breastfeeding you are going to need to drink a lot of water. Having a big cup that you will actually drink water out of is important. I found it easier to drink out of a straw cup but you do whatever works best for you.

12. Heating Pad/ Ice Packs

You are going to be sore after giving birth. Your back might hurt after holding a newborn all day. A heating pad or icepack is great to have on hand to help soothe sore muscles.

13. A Friend

I know, I know, this isn’t an item, however, I would recommend having someone who you can call at any time you need to. Your hormones go crazy after giving birth and the baby blues is real. Postpartum depression is real.

I would recommend having a friend, preferably a mom, that you’ve talked with beforehand that is willing to be available to chat with you at any time. Then, use them! Don’t be ashamed of your emotions and how you feel. Talk to someone about what you are feeling.

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Postpartum is a weird time and nothing is how it used to be. Odds are nothing goes as planned either so it can be a frustrating time too. Use these tools to help you get through this time and support your body. Take a deep breath and know that you are doing an awesome job being a new mom!

What are some of your must have postpartum items?

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