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23 Self Care Ideas to support your mental health

April 10, 2020

You guys know that I am a big advocate of self care. I have several posts on it already but that’s because it’s so important!

What is Self Care & why is it important?

Self care is just that, taking care of yourself. Ever heard that expression “You can’t pour from an empty glass?” Well that’s what self care is for.

If you aren’t filling your cup back up by investing in yourself then you are never going to be able to help others. As a mom I know that I have to be able to be there for my family but I can’t do that if I’m burnt out. Taking care of your self should be a priority. That is why I think self care is so important.

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23 awesome self care ideas and more

It’s so important that I’ve compiled a list of resources about self care. There are several different categories to these resources but let’s dive in!

A little bit about self care

The Importance of Self Care By These Hungry Kids

The importance of self care by these hungry kids

Myths of Self Care By Camille Pearl

myths of self care by Camille Pearl

Some basic self care helps

The Amazing Benefits of Diaphragmatic Breathing By Mind Body And Spirit Wellbeing

The amazing benefits for diaphragmatic breathing by mind body and spirit well being

Self Care Apps By An Open Home By Merideth Amand

self care apps by an open home by merideth amand

DIY Self Care Gift Basket By The Rising Spoon

DIY self care basket by the rising spoon

Self care through journaling

Creating at 10 Minute Morning Journaling Routine For Self Reflection & Goal Setting By Small Stuff Counts

creating a 10 minute morning journaling routine for self reflection and goal setting by small stuff counts

75 Journal Prompts for Self Care By Well Ella

75 journal prompts for self care by well Ella

Self Care Ideas for Moms

Self Care Tips for Busy Moms By Tiffany Does it All

self care tips for busy moms by Tiffany does it all

Self Care for Moms- Helpful Tips You Need to See By Good Enough Mama

self care for moms- helpful tips you need to see by good enough mama

Self Care for Twin Moms By Team Cartwright

self care for twin moms by team Cartwright

32 Simple Self Care Ideas For Overwhelmed and Busy Moms By Scratch to Basics

32 simple self care ideas for overwhelmed and busy moms by scratch to basics

5 Simple Self Care Ideas for Moms By This Farm Girl Cooks

5 simple self care ideas for moms by this farm girl cooks

Self-Care for Moms- is it selfish or necessary? By A Heart Full of Joy

self care for moms is it selfish or necessary by a heart full of joy
Blonde young girl holding hands in heart shape framing setting sun at sunset on ocean beach

10 Products to Make Self-Care for Moms Crazy Easy By Mama Cheaps

10 products to make self care for moms crazy easy by mama cheaps

Tips for Taking Care of Yourself Postpartum By real Moms Recs

tips for taking care of yourself postpartum by real mom recs

Simple Self Care Ideas

Free Self-Care Ideas By The Artisan Life

free self care ideas by the artisan life

78 Great Ways to Self Care According to Your Love Language By By Deze

75 great ways to self care according to your love language by by deze

Self Care Sunday Ideas By Ivy Rose Knows

self care Sunday ideas by ivy rose knows

Easy Ways to Add Self Care to Your Day By Mom Does Reviews

easy ways to add self care to your day by mom does reviews

The Best Self Care Sunday Ideas By Good Enough Mama

the best self care Sunday ideas by good enough mama

Self care printables

Self Care Checklist: 30 Days of Ideas By Get Green Be Well

self care checklist 30 days of ideas by get green be well

Self Care Checklist Printable (FREE) By Moms Who Save

self care checklist printable by moms who save

Self Care Sunday & Self Care Bingo By mom Does Reviews

self care Sunday and self care bingo by mom does reviews

Self care is super important so always remember to take care of yourself. I hope these resources help you in your self care journey.

What are some of your favorite forms of self care? Share in the comments!


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