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17 Best Sensory Toys For Babies

June 12, 2020

We all know that newborns can’t do much as far as play, but as your baby gets older they will become more interested in playing and exploring.

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In the first year your baby is learning a lot about what is going on in the world around them. Infants love sensory play as it helps them better understand their surroundings.

There are many different infant toys out there and there are even many different sensory type toys to choose from. These toys will mostly target auditory (sound), visual and tactile (feel).

When choosing toys for your baby it’s important to look at a few things: Is it easy for baby to grab and hold on to? Is it multisensory, meaning does it have textures and sounds? Are there contrasting colors to get baby’s attention?

awesome sensory toys for babies

The toys we are going to talk about today are all of these things. Your baby won’t get able to play with many toys until they are a couple months old but these toys are great for 2 months and up, my toddler still plays with some of her infant toys and she’s almost 3. 

Crinkle Toys

best crinkle toys for babies

These toys are great for tactile, visual and auditory development. Your baby can look at the colors on the toy as well as feel and hear the crinkling. 

1. Crinkle blocks

2. Crinkle books

3. Crinkle Lovey

4. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

Texture Toys

best texture toys for babies

These toys are super great for sensory development. Your little one can feel the different textures on the toy. You can even help them develop some language skills by telling them what the different textures are. For example, when baby is feeling the bumpy part of a block you could tell them it’s rough or bumpy. This helps baby get some added vocabulary exposure.

1. Infantino Textured Multi Ball

2. Infantino Sensory Pals

3. Infantino Squeeze and Stack Block Set

4. Ballyhoo Baby Ball Textured Sensory Ball

Sound Toys

best sound toys for babies

These toys are helpful for auditory development as they make sounds that the baby can hear. We much prefer toys that don’t make electronic sounds so that is what I am including in this section. This is completely personal preference so you could add in some electronic sounds toys to help with auditory development if you would like.

1. Wrist Rattles

2. Wooden Rattle Eggs

3. Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

Visual Toys

best visual toys for babies

1. Board Books

Everyone loves books! Board books are a great way to expose your baby to pictures and language without worrying about them ripping the pages or destroying the book.

2. Black and White Cards

Babies are attracted to contrasting colors and these black and white cards are great for their development. They are also a simple toy that you can easily travel with to keep baby entertained on the go.


best sensory toys for babies

These toys don’t fit in a specific category but are great for multiple points of development.

1. Oball

This ball is great because it is easy for babies to grasp and it is also safe for them to chew on which helps with their sensory development.

2. Tummy Time Water Mat Infantino

You fill this mat up with water and put it in front of baby as they do tummy time and they can squish it and see the animals floating around. Our little one loved it and it’s great for visual and tactile development.

3. Bright Starts Lots of Links

These are the most basic toy ever but kids seem to love them. They are like chain links and you can link them together and they make noise as you move them. They are also safe for baby to chew on so that’s a plus!

4. Activity Gym

An activity gym is a must-have with a baby. There are so many different ones out there to choose from and most of the time babies seem to like the brightly colored ones best. You want to choose one that has contrasting colors, textures, and noises. There are tons of fancy ones that make a bunch of electronic sounds but I don’t think that’s necessary, you could just find one that has crinkle toys or parts.

Sensory toys for babies

What are some of your favorite baby toys? Does your little one love sensory toys?


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