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Simple Nontoxic Makeup and Skin Care Routine

October 4, 2019

Most makeup today is filled with parabens, fragrances, carcinogens, and so much more in them. I don’t know about you but I don’t want any of those things going on or into my body.

That’s why I use nontoxic makeup.

I never was a big makeup wearer but as I’ve gotten older I’ve started wearing it more often. When I was looking for makeup options I wanted something that wasn’t going to harm my body.

I chose to use Young Living’s Savvy Minerals makeup.

I’m going to break it down and talk to you a little about each product that I use and what I use it for. So here’s my nontoxic makeup routine!

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I use Cool No. 2 foundation and I love it. Some people have said that mineral makeup doesn’t give them good coverage but I haven’t had any problems with this foundation.

I use a foundation brush and then Savvy Minerals Misting Spray. I spray the brush and then get some foundation on it and then apply.

This helps get good coverage and helps your makeup last longer. It goes on super and easy and feels really light. I never feel like I have a ton of heavy makeup on.

Savvy Minerals -Nontoxic Makeup Routine- Growing The Tuckers


I use the multitasker as bronzer. I have the color Medium and it works great. I apply it the same way that I do the foundation, just not all over my face obviously.

Some people use one of the darker foundation shades as their bronzer so you could do that also. 

Savvy Minerals -Nontoxic Makeup Routine- Growing The Tuckers


I don’t wear eyeshadow that much but when I do I just use the multitasker because it’s what I have on hand. Young Living has eyeshadow palettes and the colors are beautiful. This is definitely on my wish list.

Savvy Minerals -Nontoxic Makeup Routine- Growing The Tuckers


Now I’m going to be honest, I didn’t love this mascara at first. It took me a little getting used to.

Once I figured out how to apply it though I definitely liked it more.  I learned that you need to kind of brush the extra mascara on the side of the bottle as you pull it out. Then you need to do 2-3 coats of mascara.

Another tip that I’ve heard someone say is that you can put some of the foundation on your eyelashes and then put mascara on. This helps your eyelashes look fuller and helps the mascara stick better.

I’ve never tried that hack but I really need to.

Savvy Minerals -Nontoxic Makeup Routine- Growing The Tuckers

***UPDATE: As of 4/4/2020 Young Living released 2 new mascaras. I haven’t tried them yet but have heard rave reviews about them.


Now this is the one thing that I don’t use Savvy Minerals for. The only reason I don’t is because I bought the wrong shade of multitasker.

I was going to use the multitasker on my eyebrows but the color I bought was too light. I now use that multitasker for the things mentioned above, but I use something from the drugstore for my eyebrows and it’s not non toxic so I’m not going to recommend it.

I plan to order the correct shade of multitasker after I run out of what I’m using right now.

Savvy Minerals -Nontoxic Makeup Routine- Growing The Tuckers

Makeup Remover

Now this isn’t part of my initial nontoxic makeup routine but it’s still important.

I use the Seedlings baby wipes to take off my makeup. They are infused with Lavender essential oil which is great for your skin.

That is all the makeup products that I use but there are so many more you could use. I just like to keep it simple because…mom life!

Savvy Minerals -Nontoxic Makeup Routine- Growing The Tuckers

Skin Care

Savvy Minerals -Nontoxic Makeup Routine- Growing The Tuckers

Now let’s talk a little about skincare. After I take my makeup off then I wash my face with charcoal bar soap. Charcoal is a great detox so I love using it on my skin.

After washing, I then apply my DIY face serum. I use this instead of lotion and it’s made my skin a whole lot smoother and it hasn’t been as dry as normal.

Face Serum
+15 drops Lavender essential oil
+15 drops Frankincense essential oil
+15 drops Lemon essential oil
+Jojoba oil

Put all essential oils in a glass dropper bottle then fill the rest with jojoba oil. I apply this at night but if you are applying it during the day you may want to exclude the lemon oil. You don’t want to wear lemon oil in the sun as its a photosensitive oil.

My skin care and makeup routine is super simple but I love that it’s helping my body instead of harming it. If you want to learn more about Young Living or Savvy Minerals Check out my Young Living page or contact me, I would love to give you more information!

What do you use in your skin care routine?


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