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12 Travel Must Haves for Toddler

July 10, 2020

Traveling with a toddler is no easy feat but you can make it a little easier on yourself if you bring the right things. We all know that toddlers need a lot of stuff and packing everything for a trip can seem overwhelming. All you really need are the essentials so leave all the extra stuff at home. 

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What to bring when traveling with a toddler?

This is really going to differ between families and what your child specifically needs but there are some things that we think every family needs to bring with them when traveling with a toddler. You need the obvious things like clothes and undergarments but there’s so much more you need when traveling with a toddler. 

Think about what is going to make your life easier on your trip. Are you hiking? Do you need a heavy duty carrier? Are you going to be doing a lot of walking? Do you need a good stroller? How is sleeping going to work?

All of these questions are important to ask so that you don’t get to your destination and realize you don’t have something that you need. It’s no fun to just be starting vacation and realize you forgot something.

Backpack Diaper Bag

You’re going to be carrying the diaper bag, the toddler and who knows what else at some points so it’s helpful to have a backpack diaper bag. For my daughter, we used a regular bookbag from ThirtyOne as her bag but I would recommend getting an actual diaper bag so that it has pockets for you to store things in. These options below have great reviews!

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To Go Snack Cup

Toddlers are messy and you don’t want to be cleaning up spilled snacks everywhere you go. This snack cup works amazingly for toddlers on the go. It might take a while for your child to get the hang of it so I would recommend trying it out at home first. You could also pack things like applesauce pouches and yogurt pouches that aren’t as messy.

Dirty Diaper Bags

It’s inevitable…you’re going to have to change a dirty diaper somewhere where you can’t throw it away right then. These bags come in handy for things like that. They contain the smell so no one has to smell poop for longer than necessary. These also work great for wet or dirty clothes if your child has an accident.

Noise Machine

I don’t know about your toddler but mine needs a sound machine to sleep. We take hers with us everywhere we go. This travel one has great reviews and is the perfect size to fit in the diaper bag.


These toddler headphones come in handy when your child wants to watch a show but you don’t want the whole car to have to listen to Peppa Pig. These fit great on toddlers and can be a lifesaver when traveling.

Lightweight stroller

No one wants to lug around a massive stroller. Simple Umbrella strollers like the one below is a great option for travel. This one has a sunshade, a cup holder, and a small storage basket under the stroller. It works perfect for travel and fits better in tight spaces.


Depending on how heavy your toddler is, you might not opt for this one but we always bring ours along. There are many different types of carriers out there, you just want to make sure you get one that supports your child the correct way. You can learn more about that here.

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Security Item

This is going to differ for each child. It might be a paci, a blanket, a lovey, or anything that they are attached to. You don’t want to forget this as it might help soothe your child if they get upset on your trip.

First Aid Kit

A travel first aid kit is a must-have. Grab one from Walmart and toss it in the diaper bag just in case you have an accident while traveling. Odds are you won’t need it but it’s better to have it just in case.

Travel Toilet Seat

Potty training away from home is not fun but you can make it a little easier by getting a travel potty seat. They make ones that fold up and fit in your diaper bag so you don’t have to worry about your toddler falling in the toilet.


Bring the toiletry items that your child is used to and that you know don’t irritate their skin. There’s nothing worse than being on vacation and your child having a rash because you used a new kind of body wash. Children’s skin is more sensitive than adults so use what you have at home to avoid any issues.

Portable Toddler Cot

Getting a toddler to sleep in a place that isn’t their own bed can be hard. This cot allows them to feel like they have their own bed and can make getting them to sleep a little bit easier. It also folds up for easy travel!

Traveling with toddlers doesn’t have to be hard, you just have to be prepared!

What are your must have items for traveling with a toddler?

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