Ultimate Guide to Natural Cleaning

October 25, 2019
Ultimate Guide to Natural Cleaning

A little over a year ago, we decided that we wanted to start using more natural nontoxic products in our house.

We had been using more natural things for Braelynn but wanted to start incorporating that into the whole house.

One of the first things we started with was our cleaning products. Do you know how many harmful chemicals are in cleaning products? This is why we wanted to start using natural household cleaning products.

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I’m going to walk you through all the different natural cleaning supplies we use and what we use them for. I’m going to warn you though, we don’t use many different products.

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First things first…

I also wanted to talk about greenwashing just for a second. Greenwashing is when a company says they sell natural products or their packaging says that it’s natural but the product is really still filled with chemicals.

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General Products

Thieves Cleaner

I had to put this one first because it’s our most used all natural cleaning product. We use this for almost everything.

We use this to clean all the surfaces in our bathroom, including the mirrors. We also use it to clean the kitchen and for dusting.

Thieves cleaner is great for everything and it smells so good.


The next thing we use is vinegar. I used to use this a lot more before we discovered Thieves cleaner but it’s still a great cheap option.

You can use vinegar and water to clean almost anything. It’s probably the easiest homemade household cleaning product out there.

I like to add some essential oils to it to help with the smell. Citrus oils are great for this.

Vinegar is great for countertops and bathrooms.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another great DIY cleaner. We use baking soda as a scrub. I’ve used it on our sinks and also in the bathtub.

All you have to do is mix it with a tiny bit of water and make a paste and then scrub away. It works great and without all the chemicals.

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Cleaning Tasks


We use Thieves to mop our floors. I’ve also used vinegar before but I just can’t handle that much of the vinegar smell.

We just pour a little Thieves cleaner into our mop bucket and go at it.

I’ve also seen a hack where you can use it with a Swiffer Wet Jet but I haven’t tried that yet.


We use a Shark vacuum and love it. Here’s a great household cleaning tip though, you can use baking soda and essential oils to make the carpet smell better.

Air Freshener/ Fabric Freshener

All of those store bought fresheners are filled with nasty chemicals that we don’t want in our houses. We make our own air and fabric fresheners and they work great.

I just use essential oils, witch hazel, and water. You put a little bit of witch hazel in a bottle and add your favorite essential oils. Then you fill the rest up with water, shake it and there you have it!

You can customize your spray to fit your personal liking. I love doing sprays that go with the different seasons.

Cleaning your house with natural products doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. I hope you’ve found these products and tips helpful.

What are some of your favorite products or tips for cleaning your house?


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